We're Hobbiting the Fandoms

Alright, there’s a theory I have and whether you agree about it or not, that’s cool but it does make sense. 

We all know Phil Coulson loves memorabilia, especially if it has to do with Captain America. In episode 17 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., “Turn, Turn, Turn”, Coulson has to save Garrett from being shot out of the sky. We see his weapons come from the top of the plane, like in Captain America; the First Avenger. You might have waved that off but three episodes later, episode 20, “Nothing Personal”, Coulson has to save Skye from the bad guys that are on his plane. We see him go from the wheels and up from there. Like Captain America in Captain America: The First Avenger.

My theory is that Coulson’s plane was Red Skull’s plane from the 40’s. Fury said it was an expensive plane and coincidentally, it still has parts to it that are very similar to the plane Captain America went down with, like the gun placement and even the front part of the plane/ BUS. Fury let him pick his own plane and he requested that one to be modernly refurbished. Even his plane is memorabilia.

I’m crying. Like, whut even. Elves do sing don’t they? -winky wink wink-

I’m crying. Like, whut even. Elves do sing don’t they? -winky wink wink-

Did anyone else see the look on Ward’s face when Skye was running from him and got in the car? Damaged, destroyed. When he was tellng his feelings for her after he handcuffed her, he MEANT it. When she was telling him that he would kill her, he was angry; not because it was true but because he thought she knew his feelings. When he was explaining how he felt about her, he meant every word. When she turned away from him, he had the same look he had when she was trying to get away from him. When she said that she would never give him what he wanted, he was thinking of how he wanted her. He looked so broken, so disleveled. He’s meant it this whole time; every word.

Captain Anerica fans be like:
-to the tune of Timber-

It’s going down,
I’m yelling Steggy,
they better move,
they better dance,
Steve give her a night she won’t remember,
we’ll be the ones who don’t forget.



Peter Hollens - Down By the Salley Gardens

OPB: Traditional

Solo Multitrack king Peter Hollens is getting ready to release his album of traditional folk songs in an a cappella setting. Here’s his latest video

I’m not the king of anything, well maybe being a dork, working in my sweat pants and never leaving my house.  I’ll take that crown.

…. Can we just appreciate the fact that Peter just said he was a dork proudly?

If you guys enjoyed “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran in the second Hobbit movie, check out Peter Hollens! He is AMAZING! He does acapella and blew me straight out of my chair! Give him a listen!



That moment when you’re watching the second Hobbit, you see Gandalf making his way to find out the darker evil, and it suddenly dawns on you… “He’s more fit than I am.”



What if one day, Katniss was rude to Peeta and Peeta just goes, Katniss, don’t be RUE’D?

Too soon

That’s what Katniss said too.

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I found a new picture of Prim.
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